<![CDATA[BBQCRITIC - Columnist Dan Rote]]>Tue, 08 Mar 2016 23:44:28 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Will cooks take comment cards into consideration?]]>Fri, 27 Jul 2012 00:06:10 GMThttp://www.bbqcritic.com/columnist-dan-rote/will-cooks-take-comment-cards-into-considerationComment cards - I have received them as a competitor and given them as a judge. I know you've heard "cooks don't care what you write on a comment card", In my opinion, as a competitor, I welcome comment cards. I do look at them and it may be ONE judges opinion However, if I get comment cards from 2 judges stating almost the same thing, then I have to step back and look at them seriously. As a Chef, I know that NO 2 judges/customers will have the same opinion of a dish unless it was very good or NOT so good.

Recently I visited a BBQ restaurant in a western Chicago suburb and was very disappointed, My first clue was when the cook took a rack of ribs out of the AltoSham wrapped in Saran Wrap and it looked like a log that they had used to OVERCOOK the ribs. He unwrapped the babyback ribs - halved it and threw them on a char-broiler and proceeded to wipe sauce on them and burn it on the already overcooked ribs. As a chef,cook,caterer, I would have NEVER have served ribs like that to ANYONE. Luckily the restaurant had a website and they had stellar comments and reviews. After our meal, we left a comment on the website in the appropriate place on what we thought of the food. WE DID get an email from the owners regarding the negative comment on their site and an apology regarding food quality.

No matter what, the comments that judges send to the cooks will be looked at and may be taken into consideration. As a Certified Table Captain, I always encourage the judges at my table to utilize the comment cards (when appropriate). It will help the cooks know why a judge scored a dish as they did. IF they seriously consider the comments received that is up to the individual cook.

I know I do!

Dan Rote
Chef,CBJ,CTC ]]>
<![CDATA[Controversial Pork Box]]>Mon, 16 May 2011 06:38:46 GMThttp://www.bbqcritic.com/columnist-dan-rote/controversial-pork-boxThis test box has received mixed reviews on Certified BBQ Judges face book site. What do you think, Marked or not, DQ eligible? 
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I made it, I survived this Carnivore Carnival on one of the hottest days of the year, Time for a cheap brew a chair and a cooler for my poor tired old dogs.
  I am what some call a BBQ snob, I admin Phat Kat BBQ face book site as well as Certified BBQ Judges face book site.I have been cooking competitively since 2006,and have been a Certified BBQ Judge since 2008. If things go well this year I should be able to take my Master judge test by the end of the year.
  First and foremost I LOVE BBQ, I love to create new rubs,sauces, and
try new techniques. I have hand built 2 custom smokers, the first one was a stick burner and the second one is a 23 cu.ft. pellet smoker made from a commercial stainless steel freezer. This means that just because the temp drops I do not have to stop smoking meats trying new things because with Mac Guyver V 2.0 I can enjoy BBQ year round. I supply all of the smoked products for the Art House Cafe from Swabian Hall bacon, heritage breed hams, and vegan bacon as well as the pulled pork, brisket and on occasion ribs. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that TOFU would have passed through the door of the smoker, It has and continues to do so on a regular basis it has become a big hit at the restaurant.
  I will be very honest in any critiques that I post on others dishes/plates/boxes, and from time to time I will post some of my own and I expect the same in return. I love to hear feedback from others regarding the food that I present and love to give feedback to others on their presentations. If you think you are producing a good product and it just does not hit home then you really need to know why. As a judge I fill out more comment cards than most judges, If the food does not hit the standards then the chef/cook/competitor needs to know why it fell below standards. On the other hand if the food was well above standards the scores will reflect that.